The SPWV is aiming to raise standards across the wedding industry. Creating a professional standard that brides can rely on. Unlike other wedding directories, our members will submit their credentials, be that experience or qualifications as well as insurance certificates meaning couples can buy with confidence and avoid the pitfalls that come with not asking the right questions.

We are looking to support those who value their professionalism, with further training and support in their businesses. We are also looking for mentor members to help us in supporting their field of expertise.

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SPWV Members Core Values

  • Don't pressure sell
  • Don't hide additional costs
  • Don't discriminate against a couple based on the grounds of race religion or gender
  • They do have required Insurance
  • They do have contracts and terms of service where required
  • They do listen to your requirements and will make an effort to recommend another vendor if they are unable to provide what you need
  • They do price their services and products fairly based on education, experience and their overheads
  • They do continually strive to improve their craft/services through education and equipment upgrades as required
Do you feel there is anything else you'd like to see added to our core values that are universal to all fields? If so please drop us an email at spwv@gmail.com for consideration

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